TTCC Cooling Tower

TTCC Series Closed-Circuit Modular Cooling Towers

The TTCC modular cooling tower was designed for applications that require a closed-loop system for clean process water, like water-source heat pump systems, data centers, food production and other industrial applications. The TTCC, like all Tower Tech models, prioritizes increased performance at design conditions, a smaller footprint and less water waste and energy and chemical use. Except for its closed-loop design, the TTCC model is technically identical to the TTXR model with the same installation and operational benefits providing the lowest life-cycle cost of any cooling tower via a variable-flow water distribution system. The closed loop models are available in familiar configurations providing the advantages of modular plug-and-play interconnectivity to achieve any project size cooling requirements and accommodate any future expansion.

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TTCC Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower by Tower Tech


The TTCC shares Tower Tech’s unique design, creating an aesthetically pleasing product that typically blends into the surrounding structures and environment. Tower Tech cooling towers’ patented modularity allows units to be placed right next to each other in virtually any configuration saving your valuable real estate. These towers are prefabricated from the highest quality Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) to be lightweight and to significantly decrease installation time and effort.

Closed Loop Design Features Include:
  • Closed-Circuit Water Cooling Technology
  • Fully Enclosed Flow-Thru Basin™
  • Variable-Flow 2″ Spray Nozzle
  • Water Collection System
  • Bottom Mounted Fans
  • Factory Assembled Modular Design
  • Completely Non-Corrosive Materials Including Polymer Coils


The TTCC tower is extremely operator friendly and has the lowest maintenance requirements of any cooling tower on the market. The closed-loop TTCC utilizes standard 2” nozzles, like the open-loop TTXR design. The design can be operated in a wet or dry mode to save water and energy throughout the year. The closed-circuit design keeps the system contaminant-free and uses far less water and chemical. The TTCC cooling tower can also take advantage of ambient temperatures during the year.


Like all Tower Tech cooling towers, the TTCC is factory assembled and, with a pre-engineered certified substructure, allows for quick installation in less than 30 minutes, significantly reducing infrastructure and installaion costs. All Tower Tech modular towers offer the lowest drift rate, and their design significantly reduces water, energy and chemical treatment costs. Tower Tech StormStrong towers are made of noncorrosive FRP and have earned ratings for withstanding hurricane-force winds and airborne debris impacts, giving them the longest lifespan of any factory-assembled cooling tower. The TTCC also has an industry-best, 15-year limited warranty.

Benefits Include:
  • Service-Life Extended Because Coils Don’t Corrode
  • Energy Savings From Efficient Design & Materials
  • Lightweight Coils & Reduced Chemicals Means Easier To Service
  • Lower Operating Cost & Less Water Usage
  • Polymer Coils Thermal Performance Saves Energy Compared to Metal Exchangers
  • Our Coils are Resilient, Light Weight, Easy to Clean – Saving Valuable Resources
  • Increasing Uptime & Reliability Due to Redundant Design Features
  • Low Lifetime Cost Of Ownership Over 30+ Years