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The innovative factory assembled Modular cooling tower

Since 1991 our patented Modular Cooling TowerTM has been specified by a thousand discerning users who demanded the highest in product performance and the greatest reliability and built-in redundancy.

Tower Tech’s Factory Assembled Cooling Tower is a counterflow, mechanical-draft cooling tower designed to reduce installation time and costs, operating costs, and tower maintenance.

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Individual modules available

Individual cooling tower modules are available in sizes ranging from 30 – 1000 nominal tons, with modular ‘plug and play’ interconnectivity that allows up to 100,000 cooling tons, or 300,000 GPM, per installation.

Lowest life-cycle cost

Tower Tech’s revolutionary high efficiency cooling tower boasts the lowest life-cycle cost of any cooling tower. Tower Tech provides every customer clean, efficient and economic cooling solutions with their patented smarTTower technology and design.

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