Storm Hardening with Composite Cooling Towers


StormStrong® Composite Cooling Towers

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Towers are made with tried-and-tested StormStrong® Fiber Reinforced Polymer technology and are produced in the same U.S. facility as StormStrong utility poles, crossarms and sheet and pipe pilings. When compared to conventional towers, Tower Tech offers significant savings on space, weight, operations and risk – making them the most sustainable, efficient cooling tower on the market.

StormStrong cooling towers are built in the USA of the best, naturally, corrosion-resistant FRP and have proven capable of handling hurricane-force winds and other weather-related stresses. Tower Tech offers 200MPH wind loading and the industry’s first missile impact certification on a cooling tower. Tower Tech models are shake-table tested with OSPHOD pre-approval while also adhering to ASCE and IBC building codes to meet seismic and wind load requirements. 


Features & Benefits

  • Fully factory assembled with Quick-Install design
  • Lowest life cycle cost
  • Lowest drift emission rate and water usage cost
  • Reduced chemical treatment costs up to 35%
  • Lowest maintenance cost
  • Built-in redundancy with multiple fans and direct-drive motor design
  • Innovative high-velocity flow-through cold water reservoir 
  • Industry best for Legionella risk control
  • Sustainable corrosion-resistant FRP composite tower
  • Interconnectable tower modules
  • Reduced site space requirements and lowers weight requirements 
  • 100% Made In The USA


Tower Tech towers, made with StormStrong technology, have been extensively tested both in-house and by third parties to earn ratings for missile impacts, seismic activity and wind loads. Contact Tower Tech for seismic activity and wind load certifications for all Tower Tech models. 


A unique tower design and the pultrusion process let Tower Tech towers strike the balance between sustainability and efficiency.


Tower Tech towers are small but mighty, producing the cooling results you need while using up to 40% less energy.

Water & Chemical

Designed without an open louver, Tower Tech towers can present up to 10% water savings, 35% chemical savings and a significant reduction in Legionella risks.

Installation & Maintenance 

Factory prefabricated to save many hours on installation, Tower Tech towers with StormStrong technology are corrosion resistant and require up to 60% less maintenance.