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Tower Tech Temporary Installations

How dependent is your facility on its cooling tower? If emergency repairs or a natural disaster shuts down your cooling tower today, do you have a plan to replace its cooling capacity? Is production limited as a result of cooling capacity? Have you put off required maintenance? Are new regulations limiting your cooling water system?

We have sustainable solutions to maximize results and minimize risk.

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Applications for Temporary Cooling Towers

In August 2016, Sunbelt Rentals ( acquired the rental division of Tower Tech as the exclusive partner for the United States and Canada. Sunbelt Rentals, the second largest equipment rental company in North America, is a leader in providing temporary, portable, supplemental and emergency cooling, heating and dehumidification equipment available for rental. Tower Tech will continue providing temporary cooling solutions worldwide excluding Sunbelt’s exclusive territory.

Retrofit or Replacement

Temporary cooling towers allow you to separate your facility or process from your primary cooling tower while continuing to provide full undisturbed access to your existing tower in times of retrofit, renovation or replacement.


Whether a natural disaster or equipment failure takes your cooling tower down, a temporary cooling tower can get you back in business with minimal downtime.

Planned Maintenance

Tower Tech temporary cooling towers are an excellent way to replace cooling capacity during planned equipment maintenance because it reduces the pressure to get your primary tower back online. In this way, maintenance can be done right the first time, without costly overtime.

Cooling Augmentation

The demands on cooling water systems can exceed their capability during peak summer months which affects your plants production or buildings comfort cooling capacity. Tower Tech eliminates this problem with temporary cooling towers to augment your system resulting in better performance and increased productivity.

Contingency Planning

The most significant needs are often those you don’t even know you have. Tower Tech can provide a detailed plan to insure you are prepared for the unexpected. Don’t tempt fate by putting contingency planning on hold. Tower Tech’s contingency plan will be comprehensive, including a needs assessment, site preparation, installation, setup, commissioning, controls integration, and ongoing maintenance.

Power Plants

With the demand for electrical generation rising rapidly most power plants are operating at higher loads for longer periods of time than ever before. Tower Tech rentals provide an instant solution to plant constraints allowing a power plant to increase generation at critical times. At the same time, environmental regulations are becoming more stringent. As a result, the output of plants that depend on “once-through” cooling is restricted by thermal discharge limits. Tower Tech rentals can provide additional cooling to discharge water so plant capacity can be increased.