Cooling Towers

Our Cooling Towers Deliver Unmatched Quality and Efficiency

Operating a large business, especially industrial processes, will always create excess heat that you cannot have inside. To combat this heat production, Tower Tech has developed the latest in efficient cooling tower technology. Our state-of-the-art cooling systems provide the best performance with less energy usage, long-term sustainability, and the best return on investment.

Modular Cooling Towers with the Highest ROI

Cooling towers are essential components for many types of industry, and often the question is not if you need a tower, but rather which one is right for your needs. Our unique counterflow technology offers many advantages, including:

  • Saving water. Tower Tech’s unique design has resulted in significant water savings due to reduced drift emissions, lower blowdown requirements, increased cycles of concentration, and less water loss due to windage or water leaks.
  • Reducing energy consumption. Even with a smaller pump head and higher fan HP than conventional models, our cooling towers can use up to 45% less energy.
  • No algae growth. Algae can cause numerous problems if it starts to grow inside a water tank. Our towers eliminate that risk by having zero growth potential for the organisms.
  • And many other advantages. Please take a look at our comparison chart to see how our Tower Tech cooling tower can save you money while also having increased efficiency.

Our Cooling Units have a Reduced Chance of Legionella

The Legionella bacteria can cause a severe form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease and typically forms in standing water and is often found in heating and cooling systems. Conventional cooling towers provide the perfect conditions for bacteria growth, especially Legionella.

The enclosed basin in the Tower Tech cooling tower eliminates the possibility for sunlight to enter the tower and contact the water. Without sunlight, bacteria will not have an essential source of energy to grow. This design also dramatically reduces the amount of air and dust that can enter the basin, making the water safer and cleaner than the water in traditional cooling towers.

Get the best while spending less

With most products, you have to decide between choosing something that is higher quality or something inferior that costs less. But with our cooling towers, you get a better cooling tower product at the best price.

How is it better and less expensive?

The secret to our cooling towers is our proprietary technology and design. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have noticed that there were gaps in cooling technology and decided to create our solution to solve age-old problems in the cooling tower industry that manufacturers had ignored.  Our modular cooling tower design is longer-lasting, cheaper to install and maintain, has lower energy usage, and has a smaller operating cost than conventional towers solving these age-old problems. Tower Tech is the most innovative cooling tower in the entire industry.

We also provide cooling tower rentals and repairs in case something unexpected comes up. However, because we focus solely on our towers, we can only do repairs and maintenance on our models. Call us today for more information or a comprehensive estimate on installation costs and projected savings for your business.

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