Cooling Tower Sizing

Our expert team will make sure your cooling tower sizing is done right.

If you have a business that expends a large amount of heat, you probably already know that you need a cooling tower. Cooling towers are the easiest and most efficient way to reduce the heat from strenuous industrial processes and are essential for many industries. But do you know the right size tower for your job? 

A tower too small won’t keep up with the heat output and be overworked or even fail prematurely. Conversely, an overly large tower will handle the job well, but you will pay for that unneeded extra power with a significantly increased energy bill and unnecessary capital expenditure. To get the perfect match for your needs, at Tower Tech, our specialists will go over cooling tower sizing options to see you have the ideal tower. 

What are your cooling tower size ranges?

We have several different sizing options depending on your available space and cooling requirements. In addition, Tower Tech offers individual cooling towers ranges including:

 1-Fan-100 ton

2-Fan 200-Ton

 3-Fan 300 Ton

 4-Fan 400 Ton

 5-fan 500 Ton

 6-Fan 600 ton

8-Fan 800 ton

10-Fan 1,000 ton

12-Fan 1,200 ton

Most importantly, these individual modules can be connected to accomplish any heat load requirement. Tower Tech has thousands of installations worldwide, from single 1-Fan units to an installation with 60 units of our 10-Fan Tower.   

Our smallest tower weighs in at 3,450 pounds when empty and 6,090 pounds operational weight, while our largest is 19,700 pounds empty and 35,156 pounds operational weight. For detailed information on weights and dimensions, give us a call or see our brochure.

Our new design revolutionized the cooling tower industry

While conventional water cooling towers did well with the actual cooling and heat reduction, it brought along several new side effects in the process. Traditional towers are inefficient, often carry harmful bacteria such as Legionella, and are larger and bulkier with no additional power output. 

At Tower Tech, we created a brand-new design with efficiency in mind to reduce these issues. For instance, our design greatly lessened or even eliminated many of these major obstacles. 

Our design improvement benefits

With our new cooling tower design, we were able to make many improvements, including:

  • Greater efficiency. Our smaller units use less electricity to operate with no sacrifice of cooling power in the process. This means the same amount of cooling but a much lower amount when it comes to utility bills.
  • Improved safety. Algae and bacteria do more than make your water look bad. Legionella, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaire’s Disease, is particularly common around cooling towers. By designing a completely enclosed basin, these bacteria have no sunlight access and have extreme difficulty growing and reproducing. 
  • Better aesthetics. Along with better performance, our towers blend in better with your buildings as well. With no open louvers and a reduced plume size, our cooling towers not only work well, but they also look good doing it!

How much will I save specifically?

Your savings will depend on various factors and variables that are unique to your situation. The cost of owning and operating a cooling tower over a 25-year life is often 10-12 times the initial cost of the equipment. Considering a $200,000 cooling tower is likely to cost more than $2 million to operate. Your savings will depend on various factors and variables that are unique to your situation. To be as accurate as possible, we use PACE software, which creates a Performance and Competitive Evaluation report.

The software takes these variables into account and then compares the cost of our towers to the competition. The report allows you to evaluate the five consumption cost areas of cooling tower operation, for instance – Fan Energy, Pump Energy, Water Purchase Cost, Water Disposal Cost, Water Treatment Cost. The result is PACE provides a direct comparison of most conventional cooling towers against the operational savings provided by Tower Tech, including a payback analysis of your capital expenditure for the project.  Imagine – a cooling tower that pays for itself while saving valuable resources thanks to its unique advantages!

For more information on sizing and PACE, call us today.