Cooling Tower Installation

Cooling Tower Installation

Once you’ve decided on a state-of-the-art unit from Tower Tech, you may be concerned about how long and complicated your cooling tower installation process will be. These factors can be critical parts of your decision and be especially important when resuming normal operations that depend on putting in the new tower smoothly and without interrupting operations. We understand the importance of doing quality installations quickly and have several steps to make sure this happens. Most importantly, Tower Tech provides startup and commissioning for every cooling tower purchased, including warranty validation and owner training. Furthermore, Tower Tech is absolutely the leader in that each cooling tower module can be installed in less than 1 hour per tower.  Tower Tech is the easiest and fastest cooling tower to install in the industry.

Dedicated Technicians

We save you money by employing dedicated technicians that only work on our models of cooling towers. This means that they’re specialists that know the ins and outs of our units, including the ideal location for installation for your project. After installation, having dedicated specialists also means that should any maintenance concerns come up, to address and repair the issue quickly. 

Comprehensive Planning

A cooling tower installation is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be a big hassle. We help you with multiple factors that can potentially delay installation, including:

  • Tower location. The best place for a cooling tower is on a rooftop. However, there are some circumstances where a rooftop installation isn’t possible, and we’ll help find a location that works best for you.
  • Adherence to codes. Proper installation means adhering to many codes and regulations, including plumbing and wastewater and electric utility requirements. We also make sure to follow the National Electric Code, and any other municipal codes that may apply to your specific location. 
  • Finishing checks. Once your new cooling tower is installed, it must work as expected. After installation, we perform a comprehensive startup and commissioning to ensure that everything is working as expected. Tower Tech also offers full owner training during the startup, so you understand preventative care, routine maintenance, and optimal operation of your new cooling tower.

What if I just need a temporary cooling unit?

If you need a temporary cooling unit installation, we can help with that too. Retrofitting or repairing your primary cooling tower can mean that you have to halt operations unless you have another unit for that period. With our advanced tower plan and fast installation time, you can continue to work as usual while your primary unit is adjusted. We can also assist in emergency times, including helping you create a contingency plan for various scenarios. 

All assembly is done in our factory.

When possible, we recommend having a factory-assembled tower. By having the unit built at the factory, you can be sure that they will be made to our quality standards with each step done by an experienced assembler. After assembly, the finished unit is shipped in a single or a few smaller pieces and installed on the job site.