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Tower Tech‘s vision is to be the most customer-driven cooling tower company in the world — the standard by which all other cooling tower companies are measured.

Our Mission

To build the most in-demand, highest quality cooling tower in the world while providing a safe, organized and rewarding workplace in which every Tower Tech associate can thrive.

Our Core Values

Enthusiastic Customers

  • Believing in Customers for Life
  • Providing an Exceptional Experience
  • Delivering Excellence through Quality & Service
  • Recognizing Our Customer’s Needs to Drive Our Innovation
  • Putting the Interests of Our Customers First

Passionate Associates

  • Outperforming All Others
  • Rewarding Work Experience
  • Creating a Workplace where Opportunity, Openness, Diversity, Teamwork, Respect, & Purpose Thrive
  • Making Every Associate an Ambassador

Innovative Cooling Solutions

  • Providing Continuous Improvements
  • Developing Technology Beyond What is Currently Possible
  • Creating Value that Resonates

Always Reliable

  • Providing Sustainable Efficiency
  • Maintaining Environmental Responsibility
  • Demanding Excellence
  • Delivering Consistent Quality

Authentic Relationships

  • Putting Honesty & Integrity First
  • Maintaining Our Dedication to Lasting & Rewarding Relationships
  • Honoring All Commitments
  • Treating Others Ethically

Brand Promise

  • Smart Towers
  • Sustainable Efficiency
  • Unsurpassed Reliability

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Cooling Towers

Our cooling towers deliver unmatched quality and efficiency

Operating a large business, especially industrial processes, will always create excess heat that you can’t have inside. To combat this heat production, Tower Tech has developed the latest in efficient cooling tower technology. Our state-of-the-art cooling systems provide the best performance with less energy usage, long-term sustainability, and the best return on investment.

Modular cooling towers with great ROI

Cooling towers are essential components for many types of industry, and often the question isn’t if you need a tower, but rather which one is right for your needs. Our unique counterflow technology offers many advantages, including:

  • Saving water: Tower Tech’s unique design has resulted in significant water savings due to reduced drift emissions, lower blowdown requirements, increased cycles of concentration and less water loss due to windage or water leaks.
  • Reducing energy consumption: Even with a smaller pump head and higher fan HP than conventional models, our cooling towers can use up to 45% less energy overall.
  • No algae growth: Algae can cause numerous problems if it starts to grow inside a water tank. Our towers eliminate that risk by having zero growth potential for the organisms.
  • Many other advantages: Take a look at our comparison chart to see more ways that our Tower Tech cooling tower can save you money while also having increased efficiency.

Our cooling units have a reduced chance of Legionella

The Legionella bacteria can cause a severe form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease and typically forms in standing water and is often found in heating and cooling systems.Conventional cooling towers provide the perfect conditions for bacteria growth, especially Legionella.

The enclosed basin in the Tower Tech cooling tower eliminates the possibility for sunlight to enter the tower and contact the water. Without sunlight, bacteria will not have an essential source of energy to grow. This design also dramatically reduces the amount of air and dust that can enter the basin, making the water safer and cleaner than the water in traditional cooling towers.

 Get the best while spending less.

With most products, you have to make the difficult decision between choosing something that is of higher quality or choosing something inferior that costs less. But with our cooling towers, you get a better product at the best price.

How is it better and less expensive?

The secret to our cooling towers is our proprietary technology and design. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have noticed gaps in cooling technology and decided to create our solution to solve the problem. Our modular cooling tower design is longer-lasting, cheaper to install and maintain, has lower energy usage, and has a smaller operating cost than conventional towers.

We also do cooling tWe also provide cooling tower rentals and repairs in case something unexpected comes up. However, because we focus solely on our towers, we can only repair and maintain our models. Call us today for more information or a comprehensive estimate on installation costs and projected savings for your business.

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Cooling Tower Manufacturer

We are the Industry-Leading Cooling Tower Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing a cooling tower, there are a few things that everyone wants to know. How much is it going to cost to install and maintain? And how good of a job does it do? Fortunately, the top choice for both options for cooling tower manufacturers is Tower Tech. With over 30 years of experience designing and building cooling systems, we have developed our design that is hands-down the best in the industry. 

How are your cooling towers less expensive?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a cooling tower. Tower Tech provides the lowest life-cycle cost of any cooling tower in the industry due to reduced installation time and costs, operating costs, and tower maintenance. Tower Tech has the lowest installed price due to our modular structure and pre-engineered substructure that is rated for 200mph wind loads and OSHPD Pre-Approval seismic certification. It is possible to install Tower Tech cooling towers in less than 30 minutes per modular unit. The operational cost is lower due to fewer  energy requirements, reduced chemical treatment, lower water usage, and decreased maintenance requirements.  

Energy and cost efficiency are primary goals.

With cooling towers, as with any process, there is always some energy waste. However, our proprietary designs significantly reduce excess energy use, making them the most efficient on the market. Some ways that we do this are by: 

  • Less energy required for fans: Our fans use up to 50% less energy than conventional cooling towers, which also makes them quieter than many other units. 
  • Reduced need for regular maintenance: Traditional cooling towers need quarterly and sometimes even monthly check-ups on certain parts. Comparatively, we recommend semi-annual check-ups for nozzles and annual check-ups for everything else. 
  • Much lower field-erected cost: Compared to a field-erected cooling tower, you can save up to 50% more with Tower Tech. This also allows for more flexible use of your available space, which can provide even more savings. 

Unmatched safety for workers and employees

When it comes to safety, we leave nothing to chance. Our design is safer for workers to perform all routine inspection and maintenance safely at ground level, leaving less risk for an accident during maintenance. It is also safer for your employees because the cooling process doesn’t let sunlight into the basin, meaning that there is no opportunity for algae or other biological growth that can increase the risk of legionella. Most cooling towers have large fans and motors on top of the cooling tower. The mechanical equipment operates in the worst possible corrosive environment while routine inspections and maintenance are required of workers in a dangerous environment with fall hazards. Cooling Tower drift emissions can be extremely harmful to the environment and humans’ health. Tower Tech is the most eco-conscious cooling tower available with the lowest drift rate eliminating hazardous spray of chemicals, bacteria, and biological growth to the surrounding environment, buildings, and people.

What about Legionella?

One of

One of the biggest and unusual threats when dealing with cooling towers is the potential for Legionella to form, the bacteria responsible for Legionellosis. Our flow-through basin design can significantly reduce the risk of this potentially lethal disease. 

Not only does Tower Tech make it almost impossible for Legionella to grow, but its forced draft design has the industry’s lowest drift rate of just 0.0004%. That’s an 80-92% reduction in drift emissions for someone to potentially breathe! Tower Tech has the best Legionella risk mitigation strategy for any cooling tower!   

Our cooling tower warranties are the best in the business.

While we pride ourselves on manufacturing reliable cooling towers, there is always the potential for a problem to come up. And in the rare case that this happens with your Tower Tech cooling tower, we have you covered. Most cooling tower manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty because, after 5 years, the chance of a problem on conventional models increases drastically. We’re so confident in our cooling towers we triple that with a 15-year warranty. Call us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art cooling systems and determine why others can’t beat our quality and service.

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Cooling Tower Company

Our Cooling Tower Company is Second to None

One of the most essential components of many industrial processes is proper waste management, including the excess heat from One of the essential components of many industrial processes is proper waste management, including the excess heat from various processes. Cooling towers have been the preferred method to deal with this problem for decades but came with their own sets of problems that caused numerous issues. Many manufacturers used the same basic design and still do to this day. But Tower Tech is a cooling tower company that is a step ahead. With our proprietary designs, we have revolutionized the cooling tower business by developing a smaller, more efficient, safer, and even costs less

More power in a compact space

Like many new developments in technology, more recent models often boast more power in a smaller package. The same is true with our cooling towers compared to the traditional designs. Our 800-ton capacity model weighed in at 15,500 pounds compared to the 18,000 pounds of a typically closed-circuit tower in recent research.. Our unique design allows the towers to be placed side by side to accomplish any heat load requirement. Conventional cooling towers require free space around the cell to allow for adequate air-flow.

Do your smaller cooling towers work as well?

With the smaller weight and size, you might be wondering how our unit work compared to the larger models. Our cooling tower company created a smaller and more robust system with our advanced designs, all while being energy efficient. Fans can have up to 50% higher HP while using up to 50% less energy with our design, and our smaller pump head uses significantly less energy.

Our cooling towers fit in well with your architecture.

One thing that’s common with most cooling towers is that they’re an eyesore. They’re large and bulky, with enormous pieces and constant loud sounds. While we can’t eliminate these problems, we do our best to make them less noticeable. Some ways we do this include:

  • Our Tower Tech Counterflow cooling tower has a reduced plume, no open louvers, and comes in a beige color to better blend in with the surrounding buildings.
  • The rotating parts are hidden below the unit to be less visible to employees and visitors.
  • There is practically zero water noise with our systems.
  • We have the lowest drift emission rate of .00004, substantially less than conventional units.

We prioritize safety in our design.

Being energy efficient and having a smaller cooling system is important, but perhaps most importantly, our cooling towers provide increased safety. Unlike traditional towers, are cooling units have an enclosed basin that doesn’t allow any sunlight in, eliminating the potential of algae growth. This also dramatically reduces the opportunity for Legionella to accumulate. In the unfortunate event that any bacteria manage to grow, our much lower drift emission rate means that people on the premises are much less likely to be affected. Along with safety for onsite personnel, the design is safer for maintenance too. And if something should go long, our industry-leading 15-year warranty will see a specialized technician see it repaired right. Call or fill out a contact form today for more information.

Call Tower Tech at (405) 979-2100 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Cooling Tower Rentals

Can I get a Cooling Tower Rental for my building?

Most buildings that require cooling towers need them for the long-term, and purchasing one is the most viable option. However, in certain situations, you might need  a short-term solution, and a cooling tower rental from Tower Tech can be what you need to get through it. With our state-of-the-art cooling towers, you get better performance, less energy usage, and greater safety than conventional models that will help you through your temporary needs with ease.

How are your cooling units better?

Because we have developed our design for our cooling towers, we overcame many of the limitations of traditional rental models. Some ways that we have been able to do this include::

  • Less power usage: Cooling towers have a substantial draw on the power grid due to their large size and power required for operation. Tower Tech units cut down on that power use by as much as 45%.
  • Enormous reduction in bacteria potential: Algae and Legionella are common microorganisms that disrupt cooling tower efficiency and cause potential safety risks. Our design cuts down that risk to a small fraction.
  • The smallest drift emission on the market: A conventional cooling tower will have adrift emission of about 0.002%. Ours is approximately five times less at a mere 0.0004%.

I already have a cooling tower. Why would I need a rental?

There are several situations where a temporary unit can help increase efficiency or save you money.

  • Planned maintenance. If your regular cooling tower will undergo maintenance, use a temporary one to continue production without interruption.
  • Mitigate extreme weather. Extreme weather events, especially heat waves, can be too much of a burden on a unit and can cause it to malfunction or even fail.
  • Emergencies. Even if you don’t need a rental right now, it’s helpful to have a contingency plan in place just incase.

Do I need to create this contingency plan myself?

Our technicians are specialists. They focus only on our uniquely designed units and know them inside and out. Because of this, our experts can help develop a comprehensive contingency plan just in case an emergency happens. We can help you create this plan, starting with a needs assessment. From there, we will go over many factors, including site preparation, maintenance needs, controls integration, and much more, so that you can be prepared in case the worst happens.

How do I get a rental unit, and what are the terms?

Because each facility is unique and has its own set of needs, there is no one-size-fits-all set of terms that will work for everyone. If you’re considering using one of our Tower Tech cooling towers as a rental or for temporary use, contact us, and one of our professionals will be in touch with you soon

Call Tower Tech at (405) 979-2100 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Cooling Tower Sales

Considering Buying a Cooling Tower?

Whether you need a replacement tower or one for a new facility, our cooling towers exceed industry standards in many critical areas. As the leading manufacturer of cooling units, Tower Tech offers a unique design for improved efficiency.Our units are quieter, powerful, and more energy-efficient than traditional towers. They also have a lower upfront cost with higher potential savings over the years due to reduced maintenance requirements and less power usage. Our cooling tower sales team can help you decide which unit is best for your facility, guide you through the process from beginning to end, and see that installation is done right.

What makes Tower Tech different?

Most cooling tower manufacturers use the same basic design with a few simple tweaks in each new model. These changes tend to have positive results on the traditional drawbacks, but only in minimal amounts.

At Tower Tech, we decided to abandon the traditional design because something was wrong at the fundamental level. Through substantial research from leading industry engineers, we developed our design from the ground up. The new model eliminated several of the problems with cooling towers while significantly lowering risk and troubleshooting overall.

How is your cooling tower design unique?

Conventional cooling towers from different manufacturers may have some different components, but overall they follow the same basic design. Ours is different in several ways that benefit you and your facilities.  

A fully-enclosed basin

Traditional towers have basins that are exposed to sunlight and the elements. This allows algae to accumulate and is a more favorable environment for harmful bacteria such as Legionella. There is no potential for algae growth with our enclosed basin, and the threat of Legionella is nearly nonexistent. 

Fill and drift eliminators

Using high-efficiency PVC fill media that is resistant to degradation and many types of chemicals, our units can meet any level of water quality you need. Our proprietary drift eliminators also keep drift loss to a very low 0.0004%, several times less than a conventional unit.

Built from better materials

Using high-quality materials means that you have less maintenance to do over time and have a smaller chance of a malfunction. Our cooling tower structure is made of fiberglass and stainless steel. Components are made of injection-molded nylon or PVC and other top-quality materials. Together, they make for leak-free operation for typical and high-stress conditions.

Have peace of mind with our comprehensive warranties.

AAlong with having the most efficient cooling towers on the market, we also have the best warranties in the business to back them. Traditional closed-circuit towers typically have a five-year warranty because anything beyond that is a risk to the manufacturer. We’re so confident in our designs; we triple that with a 15-year warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that your tower will serve your facility’s needs for many years to come.

How do I purchase one?

Because our cooling towers are unique, they may have different requirements than you are familiar with, usually in your favor. Callus and explain your project or facility needs, and we’ll assist you in choosing the optimal choice for your facilities.Because our cooling towers are unique, they may have different requirements than you are familiar with, usually in your favor. Call us and explain your project or facility needs, and we’ll assist you in choosing the optimal choice for your facilities.

Call Tower Tech at (405) 979-2100 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Cooling Tower Repair

A broken cooling tower can halt business operations

Many processes rely on a properly-functioning cooling tower, and several industries would have to halt operations if the tower shuts down unexpectedly. Because they are so critical for everything else to run smoothly, it’s important that you can get cooling tower repair done quickly and efficiently. If you have one of our Tower Tech cooling towers that stops working suddenly, give us a call, and we’ll send someone over as soon as possible to make it right.

Do you service towers from other manufacturers?

Our cooling towers are different than conventional models and have many components and structures that vary significantly from the traditional variety. Because of the many differences in design, our technicians only service Tower Tech towers.

Cooling Towers with a unique design

Our cooling towers’ design is more than a simple tweaking of the traditional models on the market. We created our models from scratch with efficiency in mind allowing us to make the quality of life improvements passed down to you. 

Industry-leading drift rate

Conventional cooling towers all have a drift rate of around .002%. With our proprietary design, we were able to cut that down significantly to .0004%. This means greater efficiency and less water loss.

Enclosed basins

Another improvement we made is finding a way to make the basin enclosed instead of exposed to outside temperature fluctuations and sunlight. There is no food for algae and other harmful bacteria, such as Legionella, to grow properly without sunlight penetration, significantly reducing safety risks. 

Lighter and less expensive

Using high-quality materials and a new approach to designing our cooling towers, we were able to make it lighter, which also cut Using high-quality materials and a new approach to designing our cooling towers, we made them lighter, cutting costs. Building from fiberglass and stainless steel, our towers are smaller but don’t lack any power – focusing on efficiency. 

Less frequent maintenance and a longer lifespan

Some components of traditional cooling towers should be inspected semi-annually, and some are recommended to be looked at every few months. Even with these inspections, many cooling tower manufacturers only offer a five-year warranty because parts degrade or break frequently, and the structure is only expected to last 10-years. Components often need to be replaced after 5.

We offer a 15-year limited warranty on all cooling tower sales. Our structure can last for over 35 years, with the internal component shaving a 12–15-year expectancy. This means less chance of a breakdown over a longer life for your cooling tower.

How do I make use of the warranty?

Although our cooling towers’ components and structure are more durable and longer-lasting, that doesn’t mean that nothing will ever go wrong. If something does go wrong, we’re here to help. If you notice that your tower isn’t functioning properly, give us a call, and we’ll send someone to take a look and see if cooling tower repair is necessary. Because our technicians are specialists, they can get to the source of the problem and make it right so you can get back to normal operations as soon as possible.  Tower Tech offers pre-maintenance and complete service plans that can even extend the warranty of your cooling tower.  

Call Tower Tech at (405) 979-2100 for more information or to schedule a consultation.