Concrete Cooling Towers

From 1995 to 2000 Tower Tech and its offshore partners built Modular Concrete Cooling Towers in the United States, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Austria, France, Peru, India, China, Thailand, and other places. Ultimately, nearly two hundred concrete towers were erected.

Tower Tech refrained from active involvement in the construction of new field‐erected concrete cooling towers from 2000 to 2004 so that it could concentrate on refining and growing its fiberglass cooling tower business. Tower Tech has, however, always supplied technology assistance and its factory-genuine component parts to existing customers as required. The decision to refrain from the new concrete tower market for a time was not taken lightly as the company had spent years refining the design of its concrete tower and perfecting the application and integration of its patented technology.

From 1998 to 2004, Philip Krell, Tower Tech’s most senior technical team member, who personally built many of the existing Tower Tech Modular Concrete Cooling Towers, spearheaded an R&D program aimed at improving concrete tower construction and eliminating any remaining technology application and integration issues. Krell’s team worked out solutions to each known issue and designed a suite of technical services to assist existing customers in the upgrade of their existing Tower Tech Modular Concrete Cooling Towers.

Today, factory-genuine Tower Tech replacement technology parts and industry-best, highest quality materials provide for better tower performance, easier maintenance, and rectification of any other tower issues. Krell and his team of experienced factory-certified technicians routinely work alongside customers to assure successful projects and seamless technology application and integration. Also, owners of existing Tower Tech—design concrete cooling towers can rely on Tower Tech to deliver the industry-best support, and those prospective customers who have a preference for concrete cooling towers can rely on Tower Tech to smoothly and efficiently guide them and their engineers and contractors through the process of constructing the finest and most efficient new concrete cooling tower in the marketplace.


Industrial-duty concrete construction affords superior protection from the elements, is essentially fireproof, provides for long service life, and improves return on investment. Concrete cooling towers today serve all manner of high-value and mission-critical processes in industry, for power generation, and for human comfort cooling.

There are well over one hundred existing concrete cooling towers based on Tower Tech’s innovative design. Existing towers have these cell sizes: 24’x24’, 30’x30’, 36’x36’, or 48’x48’. All but one tower has more than one cell. The largest tower has eighteen 36’x36’ cells – two rows of nine cells each – for a total plan area of more than 23,000 square feet. Experience shows that the 36’x36’ design, when laid out in the in-line configuration, delivers the greatest tower performance per square foot of plan area.

Early concrete towers based on Tower Tech’s patented design (Bottom-Mounted Fans™, Flow-Thru Basin™, Rotary Spray Nozzles™, Modularity, etc.) had pre-cast wall panels that were formed on the tower’s concrete foundation pad and then tilted into place. As our concrete cooling tower design matured, concrete panels were either pre-cast off site or cast in place. Pictured on this page are variations of our design utilizing all three construction methods and several tower layout configurations.

Civil engineering of the concrete tower foundation, concrete cooling tower shell, and concrete cold water basin, is the responsibility of a customer’s engineer who utilizes Tower Tech’s basic design criteria for the civil work and to develop erection specifications.

Construction of the concrete foundation, concrete cooling tower shell, and concrete cold water basin is the responsibility of a customer’s contractor who purchases and installs Tower Tech’s patented technology components and other materials. A Tower Tech factory-certified technician works with the customer’s engineer and contractor to assure Tower Tech technology is applied properly.

Replacement Parts & Service

Only Tower Tech supplies factory-genuine component parts and factory-certified service for concrete cooling towers based on our design. We offer upgrades for existing towers based on our design, and we sell drift eliminators, fill media, Tower Tech Rotary Spray Nozzles, Tower Tech Water Collection System (WCS), fill media and WCS support structure, fans, fan shrouds, motors, gearboxes, and make-up water controls. We also support any original Tower Tech-supplied motor controls and VFDs.


For owners of existing concrete towers based on our innovative patented design, the fundamental difference between Tower Tech factory support and the support that’s available from any independent cooling tower contractor is that only Tower Tech has access to all original construction specifications, drawings, bills of material, and other design information.

When it comes to making improvements to or upgrading an existing Tower Tech-design concrete tower, or building a new concrete tower based on our design, only Tower Tech knows everything that has been researched, tested and proven to be successful. We never waste a customer’s precious resources on unproven products or ideas. For example, when it comes to sealant selection and application, only Tower Tech knows what will and what won’t work. And Tower Tech also provides comprehensive training in correct maintenance procedures and the important operational differences between our cooling tower and conventional towers.

Commitment to Excellence

Tower Tech is committed to the complete satisfaction of every customer, and to the continuous improvement of our people, products, and processes. Every component part and every service that we supply is “Best in Industry.” In fact, we aim to be the most in-demand cooling tower company in the world – the standard by which all other cooling tower companies are measured (italics are Tower Tech’s vision statement).

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