Baby Tech Demo Tower

Baby Tech Mini-Modular Demo Tower

Tower Tech created our Baby Tech demo tower to showcase our towers’ functionality as well as their modularity. The Baby Tech demo tower is a fully functioning mini-tower that is 75% smaller than our standard 4-fan tower. The Baby Tech demo tower has plexiglass sides to allow you to see the inner workings of a Tower Tech modular cooling tower. See for yourself how the water flows through the Tower Tech nozzles onto the fill media, how the water collection system works and Tower Tech’s proprietary enclosed Flow-Thru Basin™. It also has an operating fan motor on a VFD, with the fan spinning underneath the tower.

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BabyTech Road Show by Tower Tech


The Baby Tech demo tower is a compact version of Tower Tech’s unique design that creates an aesthetically pleasing product that typically blends into the surrounding structures and environment. The Baby Tech demo tower shows the open-loop configuration of the TTXR and TTXL towers on one side and the closed-loop configuration of the TTCC on the other.

Unique Design Features Include:
  • Fully Enclosed Flow-Thru Basin
  • Variable-Flow Spray Nozzles
  • Water Collection System
  • Bottom Mounted Fans
  • Factory Assembled Modular Design
  • Completely Non-Corrosive Materials

Baby Tech Roadshow

Baby Tech is trailer-mounted and driven to any parking lot for a product showcase or customer engineering event. A generator will be supplied if power is not readily available to run the recirculating pump and fan motor. If you would like to schedule Baby Tech for your location, please contact us.

Training & Educational Benefits

The Baby Tech demo tower is a fun and unique way to help new potential customers understand how our technology works and drive sales. Tower Tech sales representatives presenting with the Baby Tech demo tower have reported tremendous customer responses and immediate sales opportunities. The Baby Tech demo tower is a showstopper that gives customers a look inside the tower to witness, first-hand, the benefits of sustainably efficient Tower Tech towers.