Why Tower Tech

Saving Valuable Resources

What is most important to you and your business when considering the purchase of a Cooling Tower?

Tower Tech’s innovative technology provides solutions that save more valuable resources than any other cooling tower through:

  • Reduced Energy
  • Reduced Water Usage
  • Reduced Chemical Treatment
  • Reduced installation materials, labor and cost
  • Reduction in maintenance labor and cost
  • Reduction in Drift Emissions
  • Mitigation of risk for Legionella
  • Built-in redundancy that exceeds N+1

Tower Tech is committed to Sustainable Efficiency through innovative solutions that easily adapt to a smart world. Efficient products can make meaningful contributions to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact without sacrificing the value proposition for the stakeholder. Tower Tech is leading the way through products that effectively bridge the gap between Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. Companies have focused on chasing energy efficiency or environment sustainability but figuring out how to combine them as sustainable efficiency is much more complicated. The true holistic business strategy of Tower Tech is manufacturing a more viable and efficient product that is cost effective while generating a minimal carbon footprint.  Moving to sustainability and providing it efficiently makes sense in a resource constrained global economy.

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