What We Do

Innovative Cooling Solutions For Over 39 Years

Founded in 1984 and based in Oklahoma City, Tower Tech is a Technology Company providing innovative cooling solutions. The company is a leading provider of cooling towers both for temporary rental applications and for permanent installations. Tower Tech also sells replacement parts and provides labor services for owners and users of its cooling towers. The Company differentiates itself from competitors with its superior, modular cooling tower design which delivers better cost efficiency, industry lowest life-cycle costs, greater durability and industry leading sustainability. The company’s cooling towers are easier, faster and less costly to install. The Company’s cooling towers significantly reduce owners’ operating costs, offer superior maintenance and safety characteristics, and provide better mechanical reliability and redundancy and longer service life than cooling towers of conventional design. Tower Tech cooling towers reduce the volume and cost of chemicals used to treat the recirculating water loop and offer energy opportunities not available with other cooling tower designs.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fully factory assembled with new Quick-Install design can be installed in less than 15 minutes per tower.
  • Lowest life cycle cost
  • Lowest drift emission rate of .0004%
  • Lowest water usage
  • Reduced chemical treatment cost up to 35%
  • Lowest maintenance cost with all mechanical equipment accessible safely at ground level
  • Built-in redundancy with multiple fan and direct drive motor design
  • Innovative high-velocity flow-through cold water reservoir design keeps solids in suspension, reducing sediment accumulation inside the cooling tower
  • Industry best for mitigating the risk of Legionella
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials with pultruded FRP structure for 30-year life expectancy
  • Innovative modular design allows any number of tower modules to be interconnected to accommodate any cooling requirement
  • Modularity of the Tower Tech design reduces site space requirements and lowers weight requirements for installations on roofs
  • Aesthetically friendly design with no open louvers or large fan stacks. Neutral beige color blends into surrounding environment and buildings
  • 100% Made In The USA

Tower Tech currently manufactures forced draft counter-flow cooling towers for the:

  • Comfort Cooling
  • Industrial Processes
  • Power Generation

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower
  • 80-92% less drift emissions
  • Hidden fans
  • No water noise
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Industry best Legionella risk control
Conventional Tower Designs
  • Noticeable drift emissions
  • Highly visible fans
  • Water splashing noise
  • Legionella risk

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower
  • 40% energy savings due to variable-flow capability and 13’ pump head
  • Maintains higher performance for longer
Conventional Tower Designs
  • Low variable flow capability for part-load energy savings
  • Pump head routinely 20’+
  • Performance degrades relatively quickly

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower
  • 5-10% net water savings
  • 35%+ chemical savings
  • Maintains cleaner water
  • Reduced water discharge
Conventional Tower Designs
  • High water and chemical demand
  • Easily ingests sand and dirt
  • Higher water discharge

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower
  • Installs in one hour per module with single crane pick
  • 2″ distance required between modules
  • Less surrounding air inlet area required
Conventional Tower Designs
  • Can require on-site assembly
  • 8’+ distance often required between units for air inlet

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower
  • 60% less maintenance
  • Easy and safe
  • No need for cranes
  • Built-in redundancy
Conventional Tower Designs
  • 60% more maintenance
  • Difficult and safety concerns
  • Cranes sometimes required
  • N+1 sometimes required