Calculate Your Savings

Trust the Numbers

Tower Tech stands behind the overall value of our modular cooling towers so much that we created a proprietary software program called Performance and Competitive Evaluation to show buyers the Tower Tech advantage before purchase. PACE is designed to change the thinking and behavior of the cooling tower market and has the potential to change the way cooling towers are sold, bought and specified everywhere by empowering buyers with actual comparative numbers. PACE is the only competitive analysis software offered by a cooling tower manufacturer.

Compare Operating Costs

Your personalized PACE report compares the performance and operating costs of the Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower of your choice against your choice of competitive cooling tower. PACE generates a report on tower performance and the cost of fan energy, pump energy, water and chemicals consumed by the cooling tower and the rest of the chiller loop.

Most cooling tower buyers focus on the initial cost to purchase the equipment, even though it amounts to less than 20% of the full life-cycle cost of owning and operating the equipment. The evaluation of the full life-cycle cost analysis of the cooling tower is not always the highest priority but is a wise long-term strategy. The results of PACE can show that combining competitive first costs with lower operating costs plus lower maintenance costs will provide payback within a few years. Over the full expected 30-year lifespan of a Tower Tech cooling tower, the potential savings will more than pay for the initial cost of the cooling tower several times. For buildings with comfort cooling systems, air conditioning requirements comprise almost a third of the utility bills. In fact, when looking at the life-cycle cost of owning and operating a water-cooled system, more than half the cost is the result of energy cost with the remaining cost attributed to maintenance, water usage, and chemical treatment.

Since customers can see the numbers side-by-side, it’s no surprise that the popularity of the Tower Tech design is growing. Contact Tower Tech today to get your personalized PACE report and see how you could be saving with Tower Tech.