Employment policies and practices

Our employment practices are governed by our standards of business conduct which support our commitment to equal employment opportunity, prohibit harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and are consistent with applicable laws and regulations of the United States of America.

Policies Against Discrimination

Any form of discrimination by or toward employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers in any Tower Tech workplace is strictly prohibited. Our zero-tolerance policy applies to all forms of discrimination.

Employee Benefits and Programs

We provide all employees with a competitive package of benefits and programs which we take seriously.

Employee Engagement

Tower Tech seeks to create an environment of open communication with our employees. Employee forums provide an opportunity for senior managers to engage with employees on a variety of topics such as business performance, importance of safety, policy matters, and future plans for the company. During these forums, employees may ask questions on any topic. For example, in 2009, senior management members held five employee forums. Additionally, during the annual performance assessment and development process, all employees have a structured, documented discussion with their supervisor about their work goals, training objectives, and development needs. This process provides the basis for ongoing employee coaching and continuous improvement.


One of Tower Tech’s greatest strengths is the quality and diversity of our employees who differ in age, gender, race, nationality and religious beliefs. Our workforce diversity emphasis is intended to attract, develop and retain a superior workforce; actively foster a work environment where individual differences are respected and valued; and identify and develop leadership capabilities of employees to perform effectively in a variety of environments.

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