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Dear Valued Customer,

Thanks for taking time out to discover what makes our ultra-efficient Modular Cooling Tower™ so special.

More than a thousand customers have specified our towers to achieve what other cooling towers cannot:  Our towers use less water, have reduced chemical requirements, and provide a water flow turndown capability that delivers up huge energy opportunities. Our bottom-mounted fan design offers the industry’s fastest, easiest and safest access to all mechanical equipment. Our ultra-low maintenance requirement fits hand-in-glove in a world of increasingly tight budgets and reduced staff sizes. And we mustn’t fail to mention the industry-best quality of our processes, products, and people. A visit to an existing customer installation or a tour of our Oklahoma City factory will show you how Tower Tech has turned an entire industry upside down.


Variable Flow Offers Lowest $ kW/Ton

Conventional water distribution in industrial cooling towers sacrifices valuable energy saving opportunities. This fact is even more pronounced in today's water filming style heat transfer medias.

The efficiency of evaporative heat transfer is affected by the air-to-water contact area and the mass flow liquid-to-gas ratio. In general, for a given heat load and water mass flow rate, the more surface area involved, the less required air velocity over the water surface, and consequently the less air-moving fan horsepower. If you want lower kW/ton, buy more air-to-water contact surface area.

Film media, such as the popular PVC cross-fluted corrugated film block, provided a breakthrough in cooling tower design. It greatly increases the contact surface area without increasing the size of the tower box. Adversely, it suffers quickly from scaling and biomass fouling in very compact air channels that negatively impact the flow of air.

Precise water treatment is required to prevent bio growth fouling and the fill must remain “wetted” to avoid evaporative scaling. Conventional water distribution uses fixed orifice spray nozzles that produce a round pattern above a rectangular fill pack. The nozzles are placed in a rectangular overlapping pattern to assure full wetting of the fill at the design water flow rate.


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